Diamond Foils

Diamond Foils Diamond powders are fully sprayed on the surface of copper foil, this features in longer tool life. The

Hybrid Bond Dicing Blades

Hybrid bond blades offer exceptional longevity, maintaining superior form, shape, and extended lifespan while consistently delivering outstanding performance. These blades are designed to overcoming the limitations of conventional resin bond diamond & cbn blades.

Nickel Bond Hubbed Dicing Blades

Nickel Bond Diamond & CBN Blades usually have a single layer of diamonds, held by a tough durable nickel alloy. diamond particles to protrude from the bond matrix, providing a free, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation. Recommended for cutting softer and more gummy materials

Sintered (Metal Bond) Diamond & Cbn Dicing Blades

Sintered (metal bonded) diamond tools have multiple layers of diamonds impregnated inside the metal matrix. Diamonds are furnaces sintered in a matrix made of iron, cobalt, nickel, bronze, copper, tungsten, alloys of these powders or other metals in various combinations. Metal bonded diamond tools are impregnated” with diamonds.