Flanges for Blades

We produce large variety of flanges to fit most precision cutting machines. Flanges are precision machined on cnc machines to hold precision tolerances

SMART CUT® HD Synthetic Low IFT Coolant/Lubricant For Diamond Wire Sawing Silicon

SMART CUT-HD is an aqueous based also insure prolonged diamond life. SMART synthetic formulation developed to optimize CUT-HD foam-free characteristic ensures cropping and squaring of silicon ingots using compatibility with all filtration systems. diamond wire. SMART CUT-HD allows the diamond wire to saw properly through the The product is odor free, safe and silicon by penetrating through the kerf and biodegradable. As an added benefit, wetting the Si/Diamond/Nickel interface the coolant keeps the debris generated from the saw soft and easier to clean keeping surfaces free cutting and clean. than conventional products reducing The matrix in which the diamond is contained maintenance and machine down-time. is also lubricated and cleaned allowing for consistent sustainable cutting at higher SMART CUT-HD may also be used as an speeds typical of diamond wire saws. Heat edge-grinding and surface grinding coolant/lubricant in re-circulating coolant systems. transfer characteristics of the diluted product SMART CUT HD moldecules have a hdropoboic (water hating) end that bonds to silicon and a huprodphilic (water loving) end that bonds to water. This enables water to wash away loos particles and reduces surface tension allowing the water to thoroughly wet the material being cut.

SMART CUT® Mineral Oil

SMART CUT® Mineral Oil is recommended for cutting, drilling, grinding and machining larger variety of materials such as:
  • Materials with High Metallic Content
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • Precious & Semi Precious Stone
  • Many Other Ultra Hard Materials
SMART CUT™ Mineral Oil is not dilutable. Rated as a food-grade mineral oil that is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable under normal conditions.  It has no odor, won't burn your skin (unless you are very sensitive) and has a flash point of 390 F degrees - way above normal temperatures.

SMART CUT® Water Soluble Coolant

(General Materials Formula)

Fully Synthetic Lubricant & Coolant specially formulated for Slicing, Dicing, Drilling, and Grinding of Ceramics, Optics, Quartz, Silicon, and Other Materials. SMART CUT®  Synthetic water soluble coolant/lubricant general materials formula is operator and environmental friendly coolant that will improve your overall diamond slicing, dicing, drilling, sectioning, grinding, polishing and diamond machining operation by as much as 30%. Plain water evaporates at 212 F. Often temperature in your cutting zone reaches as much as 500 degrees F. Often water evaporates, before it has a chance of affectively cooling the diamond wheel and material being drilled. Resulting in shorter Diamond Wheel Life, Material Damage or micro cracks associated with overheating. Water may cool your diamond & cbn tools, yet provide poor lubrication properties needed for optimum slicing, dicing, drilling, grinding & polishing results