Sintered (metal-bond) tools

Sintered (Metal Bond)

Diamond Tools

Sintered (Metal Bond)

UKAM Industrial manufactures and offers many types and forms of sintered (meta bond) diamond & cbn tools. Such as diamond wheels used for grinding, diamond cut off wheels use for cutting, dicing blades for singulation, diamond slotting wheels, drills, core drills, forming tools etc. Complex tool shapes can be made, Large variety of Diamond & CBN grit sizes from 300 to 3 microns can be used to achieve the clients desired surface finish, cutting speed, tool life and consistency. Diameters from small as .020″ (.5mm) to large as 20″ (500mm). Custom Tool specifications in this bond can be produced per your specification and requirements with short lead time.

About Sintered (Metal Bond)

Sintered (metal bonded) diamond tools have multiple layers of diamonds impregnated inside the metal matrix. Diamonds are furnaces sintered in a matrix made of iron, cobalt, nickel, bronze, copper, tungsten, alloys of these powders or other metals in various combinations. Metal bonded diamond tools are “impregnated” with diamonds. This means that selected diamonds are mixed and sintered with specific metal alloys to achieve the best cutting performance possible on any materials such as sapphire, advanced ceramics, optics, glass, granite, tile and etc. The metal bond surrounding the diamonds must wear away to continuously keep re-exposing the diamonds for the diamond tool to continue cutting. Sintered (metal bonded) diamond tools are recommended for machining hard materials from 45 to 75 on rockwell scale (5 to 9.5 on mohe’s scale of hardness).

SEM Image of Sintered (Metal Bond) Materix

Application of

Sintered (metal bond) Tools

Sintered (Metal bond) diamond tools utilize various metallurgical powders to firmly keep the diamond crystals in place, with minimum wear. The compacted materials are then hot pressed or sintered to full density. Heating rate, applied pressure, sintering temperature and holding time, are all controlled according to the matrix composition. This means that selected diamonds are mixed and sintered with specific metal alloys to achieve the best cutting performance possible large variety of materials. This bond type can utilize the highest quality and grade industrial diamonds (strong and blocky shape) monocrystaline particles. For this reason this bond family requires higher horsepower equipment and lower cutting speeds. Compared to their resin bond, nickel bond, braised bond, and vitrified bond counterparts. Sintered (Metal bond) is the strongest of all the bond families. Offering the longest life, greatest variety of specifications and fields of use available. While its not the optimum solution for all applications, Its one of the most widely used bond across most industries today.


Example of strong and blocky shape (high quality) diamond crystals that can be used in Sintered (metal bond) diamond tools

All types and forms of diamond tools are available with this bond matrix. Such as diamond wheels used for grinding, diamond cut off wheels use for cutting, slotting, grooving, diamond core drills and bits used for drilling, reaming and milling. Diamond router bits, carving points and form tools used for shaping and forming. Complex tool shapes can be made, angles and radiuses ground to fit customers objectives. High precision tolerances can be maintained through precision grinding of the tools faces. Large variety of diamond grit sizes from 20 to 9,000 mesh can be used in conjunction with diamond concentration as low as 12 to 100 con, along with different bond harnesses, bond matrixes, and diamond crystal types to achieve the clients desired surface finish, cutting speed, tool life and consistency.

How SMART CUT ® Sintered (Metal Bond) Bond Works?

The sharpest and finest quality diamonds or CBN crystals that go into a SMART CUT® Sintered (Metal Bond), immediately penetrate into the material, grinding and polishing as they cut.

Exposed Diamonds

Sharpest And Finest Quality Diamonds

The newly exposed diamonds don't effect diamonds already working on the material. Unlike many other diamond bonds, diamonds in a SMART CUT ®  Bond remains sharp and grow sharper with each cut, prolonging product life and consistent performance.

Exposed Diamonds

Diamonds or CBN Crystals

Diamonds or CBN Crystals are activated only at the exposed layer. As Bond Matrix layer begin to wear out, diamonds in a new Bond Matrix layer are immediately activated, substituting the already used up diamond layer. The SMART CUT Diamond Hybrid Bond makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most.

Exposed Diamonds

Advanced Formulated Open Diamond Bond Design

This advanced formulated open diamond bond design insures minimal chipping, fast cut, constant speed of cut, minimal cutting noise, and most important of all, consistent performance.

Sintered (metal bond)

Diamond Tools

Sintered (metal bond) Diamond & CBN Tools

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