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SMART CUT  Diamond wire produces minimum kerf loss, less sub-surface damage, and contamination free coolant. Used for precision cutting of various types of artificial crystal, ceramic, quartz glass, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, sapphire and special metal materials. Diamond Wire cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting process as it eliminates slurry recycling and disposal issues.

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How Diamond Wire Works

Diamond Wire saws provide the most accurate cutting with the least amount of material deformation and chipping of material. Today diamond wire sawing is preferred by majority of solar silicon manufacturers, crystal growers, advanced ceramic manufacturers over other technologies/ cutting methods. diamond Wire saw operates similarly to horizontal hack saw, where head containing a pack of blades lengths of plain edge stainless or spring steel mounted parallel to head travel oscillates back and forth over the work piece or pieces which are mounted on a bed.

The bed can be fed up into the blades at selected pressures. The diamond wire provides cutting or lapping action between the blades and material. The wire saw allows slicing of hundreds of wafers simultaneously with the same continuous wire. 

In the past abrasives slurry wire saws were the main method used for cutting these ultra hard and brittle materials. Copper plated piano wires was used to trap abrasive particles (such as alumina or SiC) suspended in mechanical oil or water based coolant. To provide the cutting action and lubrication of the moving wire. The wire diameter used was smaller than 0.15mm and cutting kerf is about 0.19mm and 0.15mm and smaller.

Abrasive slurry grit ranged from 1000 to 250 grit. Viscosity and continuous mixing of the slurry must be maintained in order to produces consistent results. The improvement in diamond wire manufacturing technology and reduction in cost has made diamond wire cutting and industry standard. Diamond wire bonded with diamond offers many advantages in terms of faster cutting speed (frequently triple the speed) and improved surface finish quality (less secondary operations such as polishing). Using Diamond Wire is much cleaner and faster process Today most Diamond Wire is wound around 2, 3,or 4 grooved mandrels in order to allow multiple loops for simultaneous slicing of the same ingot. When the looped wire is running across the ingot, the diamond particles on the surface of the wire will slowly lap/ grind off silicon on micro level (bit by bit). The cutting action is done by reciprocating motion. The wire is used once, and replaced with a new roll.

Typically this type of wire saw can travel at surface speed of 6 mm/sec. The wire moves forward for abut 300mm and this is retraced for abut 200mm. Net advance of the new wire is at an average speed of 2 m/sec with about 100 m new wire passed through each cycle. The wire can run continuously for more than 300 km long. More than 500 slices can be sawn simultaneously. In a production environment 8” (200mm) silicon boul can be cut in less than 8 hours and 12” (300mm) boul in less than 12 hours.

Silicon Wafers

About Nickel Bond (Electroplated) Tools

Electroplated (nickel bond) diamond products usually have a single layer of diamonds, held by a tough durable nickel alloy. Nickel is frequently used as a base for plating diamond. Because of its excellent strength, toughness and flexibility during the plating process. Electroplated diamond products are able to retain their original shape and dimensions thought their working life. Unlike sintered (meal bond) or resin bond diamond products, where diamond particles are buried in bond and held together by metal or resin binder deep inside. Electroplating allows diamond particles to protrude from the bond matrix, providing a free, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation.

Its What You Cant See That Makes All The Difference

SMART CUT® technology

How SMART CUT ® Bond Works?

Step 1

Sharpest And Finest Quality Diamonds

Diamonds or CB Crystals are activated only at the exposed layer. As Bond Matrix layer begin to wear out, diamonds in a new Bond Matrix layer are immediately activated, substituting the already used up diamond layer. The SMART CUT ®  Bond Diamond Bond makes sure every diamond is in the right place. and at the right time, working where you need it most.

Step 2

Diamonds or CBN Crystals

The newly exposed diamonds don’t effect diamonds already working on the material. Unlike many other diamond bonds, diamonds in a SMART CUT ®  remains sharp and grow sharper with each cut, prolonging product life and consistent performance.

Step 3

Advanced Formulated Open Diamond Bond Design

This advanced formulated open diamond bond design insures minimal chipping, fast
cut, constant speed of cut, minimal cutting noise, and most important of all, consistent performance.

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