Diamond Tool Accessories

Diamond Tool Accessories

Diamond Tool Accessories

UKAM industrial offers large range of accessories for use with diamond tools and equipment.

It is your responsibility to use proper equipment, process, & diamond tool accessories required with your tool. Doing so will extend your tools life, improve tool performance, & surface finish of your material.

Diamond Wheel Adapters / Hubbs

We offer large variety of grinding wheel adapters used to attach grinding wheels to different types of grinding machines and spindles. They serve the purpose of adapting the mounting configuration of the grinding wheel to match the specific requirements of the machine or tool being used.


We manufacture and offers large variety of flanges to fit many precision lab cutting machines diameters available from stock 35mm to 90mm Flanges are designed to add additional support and stability to both sides of the cutting blade. Flanges prevent the blade from losing its tension flatness, warping, loosing flatness, slanting cuts, blade wreckage and damage to blade and material.

Water Swival Adapters & Drilling Accessories

Water Swivel Adapters (are to supply high water, coolant, or air through the center of your diamond drills. Water Swivel Adapters/Drill Head Assemblies cools both diamond drills and material in zone of drilling. Water swivel adapters fit fit just about any type of drilling equipment and available with different threads and mountings.


We produce and offer large variety of coolants to use with diamond & cbn tools and consumables coolants help reduce amount of heat generated, cooling both the tool and material Use of coolant helps increase tool life, improve cutting speed, surface finish, minimize chipping, reducing cracking.

Dressing Sticks

Large variety of dressing sticks are available from stock in different sizes, specifications used to dress all types of diamond tools dressing is the process of sharpening & exposing diamonds particles in bond matrix for them to freely penetrate into the material, minimize load and improve cutting speed.

Diamond Wheel Stiffeners

We produce wheel stiffeners of any outside and inside diameter. Wheel are placed between your existing flanges to minimize blade exposure. stiffeners provide stability, rigidity and additional support cutting blade. They help prevent the blade from loosing its flatness and help make sure it cuts straight.

Precision Arbors / Spindles

We produce precision arbors to hold variety of precision and thin cutting blades with 1/2″ and 5/8″ inside diameters.

Shank Adapters

We produce and offer variety of shank adapters. Shank adapters allow the diamond drill to be placed into drilling machine chuck or collets.

Blades Bushings / Adapters

We offer large variety of bushings in diameter outside, inside diameters, thicknesses to fit most diamond and cbn blades and wheels, and can custom machine bushings to fit your specifications.

Core Bit Adapters

We produce and offer variety of shank adapters. Shank adapters allow the diamond drill to be placed into drilling machine chuck or collets.


Our SMART CUT  Precision Gang Arbors & Hubs are the trusted choice of professionals and manufacturers across various industries. They seamlessly integrate with equipment from renowned brands like MTI, Disco, Veeco, K&S/ADT, MECO/FICO, and many others, ensuring compatibility and reliability.