Diamond Tools For Lapidary Industry

Diamond Tools
for Lapidary Industry

Welcome to UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools. We are small, independently owned US Manufacturer of Professional Sintered (metal bond) & Plated Diamond Tools with SMART CUT™ technology. Our products for the lapidary, precious, semi precious stone and gemstone industries. Our standard and custom products offer BEST PERFORMANCE & VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Here you will find the largest selection and variety of standard tools available from stock & our capabilities to product custom tools to your specifications

Lapidary Materials


For Cutting Lapidary Materials

SMART CUT® series sintered (metal bond) diamond lapidary blades are the highest performance & longest lasing blades available today. Used on trim saws, slabbing saws, tile and masonry saws with coolant. Available from 4" to 48" diameter & thickness starting from .004"(0.1mm). Standard arbor sizes from 5/8” to 1”. we can change the arbor to anything same day if needed.


For Drilling Lapidary Materials

Diamond Core drills & diamond drills from .001" to 48" Diameter, & Drilling Accessories for drilling just about any Material/Application. Diamond Drills are available from inventory in many different specifications. Custom Manufacturing to fit your particular requirements with 1 week or less lead time (non minimum order). We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right solution for your specific application.

Diamond Carving Points

Designed for carving a wide range of ultra hard to soft material into intricate shapes. Over 200 different shapes are available from you to choose from. We produce an offer sintered (metal bond), nickel bond (plated), brazed bond, and resin bond diamond carving points. We also have capability to manufacture any shape, type, size diamond carving points based on your specifications or drawings.

Diamond Routers , Diamond Points, Profile Tools, & Milling Tools

Large variety of diamond & cbn tools from stock and made to your specifiction using all bond types. Products include:

Solutions For

Grinding Lapidary Materials

Diamond Cabbing Wheels

we offer large variety of diamond cabbing wheels from 6" to 8" diameter, thicknesses 1.5" to 2". Available in nickel bond (plated), resin bond and sintered (metal bond) with plastic and steel hub, diamond grit sizes from 30 to 8,000 mesh. Can be used on all conventional grinders made today. Such as Diamond Pacific, Barranca, Maxant, Graves, as well as other cabbing machines. All wheels have a 1” Diameter and include bushing to accommodate 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2"arbors.


Cup Wheels & Polishing Discs

Manufactures & offers a large variety of diamond cup wheels, polishing discs and accessories for grinding and polishing all types of lapidary materials. From 4" to 10" OD. From Segmented to turbo type. Arbor size 7/8" and 5/8-11" female thread

Solutions For

For Polishing Lapidary Materials

Diamond Consumables

For Lapidary Materials

Diamond Tool Accessories


SMART CUT water soluable coolants & Mineral oils are are designed for use on all types of equipment . For

Dressing Sticks

Dressing Sticks

Dressing Sticks are available from stock to dress all types of blades. Available in different sizess, grits, and abrasive types.

Blade Stiffeners

Stiffeners for Blades

Wheel Stiffeners provide stability, rigidity & additional support for your blades. They help in prventing the blade from loosing wobbling


SMART CUT® technology

CBN Crystal

We can help you:

Advanced technology that allows every diamond to be oriented and evenly positioned inside diamond bond matrix. Every diamonds works in the right place and at the right time, where you need it most

Why Work With Us?

Comprehensive Source Of Information On Diamond Tools

The more you understand about what we can do for you the better our partnership will be. Here you will find most comprehensive source of information and optimizing and improving your cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing on the web. Find
everything you ever wanted to know about diamond tools. Many of our articles have been published in several leading industry magazines.

Large Inventory & Custom Manufacturing

We have the largest variety of diamond tools available in stock for lapidary, precious, semi precious stone and gemstone industries. we regularly produce custom diamond tools to better fit customers specific needs & specifications. Just about any diamond tool can be designed and manufactured per customer drawing or specifications.

Experience Makes All The Differences

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is one of the companies behind the original THIN KERF Sintered (metal bond) diamond blades & drills for lapidary application. Producing blades sold under "private label" for a number of well known equipment manufacturers. Our proprietary diamond tool chemistry, precision manufacturing methods, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables that affect diamond tool life, quality of cut, and consistent performance. Discover why some of the Leading Fortune 500 companies, Industry, Military, Jewelry manufacturers, to Professional Lapidary Hobbyists around the world prefer SMART CUT diamond tools.

Best Value For The Money

We are always looking for partners to work with in expanding the market reach. We produce and offer highest quality products at very attractive pricing. While we may not be the lowest cost solution provider. Our products offer one of the best Return on Investment available & quality, that you cant find anywhere. We offer amazing discounts based on quantity. Lets us develop a win, win relationship.

Unmatched Performance & Quality

Our standard and custom products offer the best performance and value for your money. count on us to provide higher level of performance compared to what is typically available in the market. While standard tools for stone may be sufficient in many cases, they often fall short when dealing with tougher materials and challenging applications.
Don't struggle with inferior tools - DEMAND THE BEST!
Time, Money, & Material - you will save will more than pay for these TOOLS in short period of time

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