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Nickel Bond Hubbed Dicing Blades

Nickel Bond Hubbed Dicing Blades

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About Nickel Bond
(Electroplated) Tools

Electroplated (nickel bond) diamond products usually have a single layer of diamonds, held by a tough durable nickel alloy. Nickel is frequently used as a base for plating diamond. Because of its excellent strength, toughness and flexibility during the plating process. Electroplated diamond products are able to retain their original shape and dimensions thought their working life. Unlike sintered (meal bond) or resin bond diamond products, where diamond particles are buried in bond and held together by metal or resin binder deep inside.

Electroplating allows diamond particles to protrude from the bond matrix, providing a free, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation.

SMART CUT™ series Nickel Bond Hubbed diamond dicing blades consist of a precisely made hub, shaped for optimum cooling results. The hub carries an electrodeposited layer of proprietary nickel alloys and diamond grains. When the supporting aluminum is etched back, a free standing nickel diamond matrix remains. The length of this free standing (exposed) diamond rim determines how deep the blade can cut. Please see formula below for more information.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools proprietary blade manufacturing processes, which allow precise control of diamond grit size, diamond concentration, and nickel bond hardness, are used to optimize these variables and produce hub blades that offer unparalleled cut quality, blade life and throughput. SMART CUT™ series Nickel Bond Hubbed diamond dicing blades provide excellent performance on large variety of applications ranging from silicon dicing, very brittle III-V compound materials, PZT ceramics, tantalates, aluminas, to silica filled plastics for chip scale package singulation.

Manufactured utilizing SMART CUT™ technology, each diamond works like a small horse. Diamonds come in contact with the material in the right place and at the right time, working where you need them most. You get the maximum use out of diamond and bond.

Nickel Bond Hubbed Dicing Blades

Blade Thickness

Diamond Concentration is still a factor in determining the life and cutting speed of your Diamond Blade. Higher diamond concentration is recommended and usually used for cutting softer and more abrasive types of materials. However, the trade off is slower cutting speed. Low diamond concentration is recommended and widely used for cutting harder materials

Blade Exposure

Blade exposure is the minimum dimensions of the nickel rim to protrude over the aluminum hub. Selecting the proper blade exposure is function of total cut depth. Due to the self sharpening nature of the nickel bond diamond matrix, this dimension will be reduced during operation by wear. Blade exposure to be selected by cutting into substrate is
E1 = CS + SG + BW
for cutting through a substrate into a sporting dicing tape, the amount of cutting into the tape must be added to the above formula:
E2 = CT + CS + SG + BW
Typical dimensions are
CS = Cutting Substrate depth = Cut depth or material thickness
SG = Safety Gap between alu-Hub and substrate
BW = Amount of Blade to be worn (used up) during
For Example: Exposure for a 600 micron substrate cutting into tape is 30 + 600 + 130 + 200 = 960 microns. Recommended maximum blade exposure is about 25 x blade thickens for soft nickel alloy bond and 35 x blade thickness for hard nickel alloy bond.

Nickel Bond Hardness

Bond hardness determines how fast the nickel bond dicing blade will protrude/release its sharpest point of diamond particles in order to maintain consistent cut quality. Smoothness of diamond abrasive particles of the substrate, without considering diamond grit size is influenced by the stability of the bond binder. As the diamond particles become dull during usage, the speed and force required for their release from bond matrix. depends on strength they are bonded with. Hard nickel alloys firmly hold diamonds in place. They typically wear less and hence have little self sharpening. Softer nickel alloys on the other hand release dull diamond easily. And more frequently expose continuously sharp diamond particles. For this reason they are more self sharpening. SMART CUT™ series Nickel Bond Hubbed diamond dicing blades are available in soft or hard nickel alloys depending on customers dicing objective of clean cut quality vs. long blade life.

Diamond Mesh Size

Nickel hardness and size of diamond particles plays a major role in determining cut quality, feed rate, RPM's, blade life, and overall performance. Finer diamond particles produce very smooth cut quality, along with minimum kerf less, and most minimal amount of chipping. Smaller diamond particles are release from bond faster, exposing new sharp diamond particles and maintaining excellent cut quality. The trade off is lower blade life and much slower cutting speeds. Since smaller/finer diamond particles remove less material, they require higher spindle speeds and slower feed rates. Finer diamond particle nickel bond dicing blades, also tend to load up (clogging diamond particles cavities with material residue being cut). Coarser size (larger) diamond particles provides much higher feed rates. Coarser diamond nickel bond dicing blades provide longer life and exhibit very little tendency to load up. The trade off more chipping, greater kerf loss, and rougher cut quality. SMART CUT™ series Nickel Bond Hubbed diamond dicing blades are available in large variety of diamond particle sizes, please see table below for more information.
Long Exposure


Cutting Action

Diamond & CBN tools made utilizing SMART CUT® technology are much more aggressive than your conventional tools. They can cut faster, while still leaving behind a smooth finish free of material deformation.

Manufactured Using

The Highest Quality Raw Materials

Only the highest quality synthetic diamonds and raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. The highest quality standards and product consistency is maintained, using sophisticated inspection and measurement equipment.


Performance & Value on the Market

SMART CUT® Resin Bond, CBN Blades are the best investment you can make! While the initial investment in CBN blades may be higher than traditional abrasive wheels, their long lifespan and efficiency often result in a lower cost per cut. This can provide to significant savings in time and money.



In most cases tools manufactured utilizing SMART CUT® technology, will outlast other conventional material (sintered), resin, and nickel bonded diamond & CBN tools. SMART CUT® diamond & CBN tools are more sturdy than tools manufactured with conventional technologies. They are capable to retain their form and bond configuration all the way through the tools life.


Consistent Performance

SMART CUT® Series Resin Bond, CBN Blades have hundreds of diamond layers impregnated inside the resin matrix. Unlike Many Other Blade Types, they wear evenly, and are known for their consistency. You will get consistent cutting speed, and overall consistent performance, with minimum amount of dressing even on the hardest to cut materials

Why Work With Us?

Comprehensive Source Of Information On Dicing Blades

We understand that your success depends on select the right dicing blade, and optimizing your dicing parameters to best fit your applications/needs. The more you understand about what we can do for you, the better our partnership will be. On our website you will find the Most Comprehensive Source of Information on Everything you wanted to know about diamond dicing blades & industrial diamond tools.

Large Inventory & Custom Manufacturing

Largest Inventory of Precision & Ultra Thin Diamond Dicing Blades in the U.S. Available in different sizes, thickness, arbor sizes, diamond concentrations, diamond mesh sizes, and bond hardness's.

Experience Makes All The Difference

Over the years we have enjoyed working with all types if clients, regardless of size. Proprietary dicing blade chemistry, precision manufacturing methods, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables that affect blade life, quality of cut, surface finish. Reducing and often eliminating additional steps often required after cutting.

Umatched Technical Support

We Are a Partner In Your Success
Developing close ties with our customers is the foundation of our business. At the core of our company is a team of world class engineers, knowledgeable customer service personnel here to serve you. Whether is designing or manufacturing a special solution. We will go out of our way to optimizing your process to ultimate level of efficiency.


American Manufacturer
As one of the few remaining independent U.S.Diamond Tool & machine builders. We have the experience & tradition to help you remain at frontier of technology Our experience has been further enhanced by acquiring assets and processes from some of the oldest American tool manufacturers, along with their decades of experience and R& D. This has positioned us as one of the most experienced companies in the industry.

Superior Quality &

Our unique bond formulations, tool designs, stringent requirements, and utilization of exceptionally high-quality diamonds and raw materials ensure top-notch products that adhere to strict ISO 9000 standards.

Our proprietary technology allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variable that affect toolife, quality, & consistency

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