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March 2023 - acquisition of Assets from Industrial Tools Inc

We are happy to announce our acquisition of a number of machines from Industrial Tools Inc, a pioneering manufacturer of ultra-thin and high-precision cutting blades in the United State.

By integrating these assets into our Valencia, CA location, we aim to ramp up the production and output of our diverse range of diamond & cbn dicing blades and precision cutting wheels.

Founded in the 1960s, Industrial Tools Inc was one of the earliest and largest American manufacturers specializing in precision and ultra-thin blades.

While it is unfortunate to witness the closure of such an established American player in the field, we see this as a chance to explore new opportunities and horizons.

November 2022 - passing of Dr. Leonid Kochergin (our former chief engineer / scientist)

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Dr. Leonid Korchergin (middle of the picture), a legendary scientist, inventor, and engineer. A distinguished member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and one of the brightest minds in submarine & ballistic missile technology and our former chief engineer/scientist.

Dr. Korchergin passed away at 96, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the field of engineering, science, and innovation.

Leonid Korchergin's life journey was marked by resilience, determination, and an insatiable curiosity. His passion for invention & his love of working with his hands fueled his remarkable career. Driven by a relentless desire to push boundaries, he would meticulously craft technical drawings and personally machine and assemble his ideas, making him a true visionary in his field.

He was one of the brightest minds at UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools.

In our early days as our chief Engineer/Scientist, he was instrumental in engineering and developing several technological breakthroughs. From tool and precision cutting machine construction to refining manufacturing processes, his expertise and innovation were instrumental in propelling the company to be an innovator in our field

Throughout his long career, Dr. Korchergin amassed an impressive array of accomplishments, holding an astonishing 34 patents. His visionary ideas and inventive spirit earned him the utmost respect among his colleagues. Dr. Korchergin's intellectual prowess and dedication to his work made him a revered member of the scientific community.

Dr. Korchergin's early life was intertwined with the violent era of 1930’s Soviet Persecution and World War II. Born in the Soviet Union, at the age of 5 he became an orphan as his parents were taken for suspicion of anti-communist activities. Growing up in a group home for orphans. At 15, he escaped the group home and hitchhiked to the front

Adopted by an infantry company of soldiers, he volunteered for dozens of army reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines. He participated in some of the riskiest missions with partisans and regular army forces and survived against all odds.

During his very long and exciting career, Dr. Korchergin led several groups of engineers & scientists in different fields & industries that achieved remarkable technological breakthroughs.

He left the Soviet Union in 1970’s as a political dissident. In the united states, he worked as an outside expert/consultant for the US Department of Defense & other organizations.

His legacy will continue to inspire future generations of innovators and thinkers. Dr. Korchergin's curious mind, boundless creativity, and commitment to technological advancement will forever be remembered and greatly missed.

September 2011

September 2011 - move to new building just built

06/01/07 - Expands ULTRA THIN & HIGH PRECISION DIAMOND WAFERING BLADE manufacturing facility

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