DIAMOND CUP WHEELS For Sample Preparation

SMART CUT  Diamond Cup wheels produced for Struers, Buehler, and many other thin section cutting/grinding machines. Are used for grinding/thinning large variety of materials ranging for geologic minerals to micro electronic packages. Any specification can be produced if needed. Below is cross-reference table of comparison to standard diamond cup wheels used today.

Metal Bond Diamond Discs

Metal Bond Diamond Discs, have diamond particles held firmly in place on a rigid backing by electroplated erosion resisting nickel for maximum bond strength and heat dissipation. A hard nickel alloy is used to rigidly bond a layer of sharp, blocky diamond to a steel backing. The sharp diamond particles cut cleanly with no edge rounding. Diamond Laps / Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Discs radically reduce the time required for material lapping/grinding process. Metal bond diamond grinding discs are available with either magnetic or PSA backing.

Resin Bond Diamond Discs

Resin Bond Discs are designed removal of material/sample scratches, chips. high spots, & as well as pre-polishing on a larger variety of materials. Using a propriety technique, a high concentration of premium diamond is loaded onto each disc to provide an extremely aggressive grinding rate yet leaves an exceptionally smooth surface finish. Each disc is color coded to easily determine the diamond size of the disc. These resin bond diamond discs are guaranteed to out-perform many cloth polishing discs using loose conventional abrasive or diamond compound/slurry finishing systems. Depending on the application and process these discs on average will last for 100-200 parts/samples & maintain consistent level of performance. These are perfect for hard materials such as metals, ceramics, refractories, cement, geological rocks, glass, optics, composites, and many other materials 35 and up Rockwell C scale of hardness. All discs come with a 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that bonds to backing plates, or with magnetic backing to attach to steel plates. Must be used with coolant. Not recommended for heavy stock material removal

Silicon Carbide Paper

Ukam industrial superhard tools provides high quality C weight paper used for coarse and fine grinding of a wide variety of materials and metallurgical specimens. Comparable to Buehler, Struers, Leco & many others. Our durable industry leading silicone carbide discs are available in plain and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing. Please note that other sizes, hole diameters, and grit sizes are available. The grit sizes listed are USA standards. Available in US ANSI grit sizes from 60 to 1200 (European FEPA size P60 to P4000), in plain or PSA backed and in the common formats of 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm) and 12" (300mm) diameter discs as given in the table below.