Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools specializes in manufacturing ultra-thin and high-precision diamond blades and precision cutting machines that use these blades. We also offer a range of other industrial diamond tools, including thin wall diamond core drills, diamond consumables, diamond micro drills, grinding and polishing diamond discs, coolants, dressing sticks, and various accessories.

Yes, we have the capability to design and manufacture custom diamond tools tailored to specific industrial needs. Our expertise lies in creating tools that meet precise specifications and application requirements.

We are a family-owned American company located in Valencia, California, in the Los Angeles area.

Our products are used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, medical, semiconductor, and others where precision cutting and drilling are essential.

Quality is paramount in our manufacturing process. We employ advanced technology and rigorous testing methods to ensure that each tool meets high standards of performance and durability.

Yes, proper maintenance and handling are crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of diamond tools. We provide detailed guidelines with our products and are also available to offer advice and support to our customers.

Orders can be placed directly through our website, via email, or by calling our customer service team. We offer assistance in selecting the right tools and can provide custom solutions if needed. Not all of our products are available for online ordering.

Yes, we serve both domestic and international markets. Shipping options and costs vary depending on the destination and order size. For International shipments for small parcels we usually use DHL, we also us US air mail, UPS, fed ex, tnt, air and sea cargo.

Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the order and current production schedules. Standard orders typically have a shorter lead time from same day shipment to 48 hours, while custom orders may require additional time for design and manufacturing which can range from 3 to 5 weeks. Expedited lead times for many custom products of 1 week is also available at additional cost if needed.

We offer comprehensive customer support, including technical assistance, product usage guidance, and after-sales service. Our team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and the optimal performance of our tools.

Our unique strength lies in our specialization in ultra-thin and high-precision diamond blades, along with our ability to create custom solutions for specific industrial applications. Our intellectual property in way of proprietary and unique bond formulations, technology, experience and know how sets us apart from most companies around the world. As a family-owned business, we also pride ourselves on personalized customer service and a deep commitment to quality and innovation.

Absolutely. Our experienced team is available to assist customers in selecting the most suitable diamond tools for their specific needs. We consider factors like material to be processed, precision requirements, and equipment compatibility to recommend the best solutions.

Safety is paramount when using any industrial tool. We provide comprehensive safety guidelines with our products, including proper handling, operation, and storage procedures. It’s crucial that these guidelines are followed to ensure safe and efficient use of our tools.

For custom orders, we start with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s requirements. Our design and engineering team then works closely with the client to develop a prototype. Once approved, we proceed with the manufacturing process, ensuring that the final product meets the agreed specifications.

We stand behind the quality of our products with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The specific terms of the warranty vary depending on the product and are detailed in our sales agreements.

We continuously invest in research and development to enhance our products and manufacturing processes. Staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and industry trends allows us to offer innovative solutions to our clients.

Yes, we offer a range of after-sales services, including tool repair, refurbishment, and maintenance advice. Our goal is to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of our tools throughout their lifecycle.

We provide comprehensive documentation with our products . Additional support can be provided over the phone and video conferencing.

Clients can contact us through our website, via email, or by phone. We are always ready to respond to inquiries, provide consultations, and discuss how our tools and services can meet specific industrial needs.

Our diamond tools are engineered to work with a wide range of materials, including but not limited to, metals, composites, ceramics, glass, and various hard-to-machine materials. The specific capabilities depend on the tool design and diamond grade used.

We maintain strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process. This includes using high-quality raw materials, employing advanced manufacturing technologies, and conducting thorough testing and inspection of custom tools to ensure they meet the precise requirements of our clients.
Yes, we can provide case studies detailing how our tools have been successfully implemented in various industries. These examples highlight the effectiveness, precision, and durability of our tools in real-world applications.

Clients can request a quote by contacting us through our website, email, or phone. For custom tools, we may require detailed specifications or a consultation to understand the exact requirements before providing a quote.

We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines and can often accommodate urgent or expedited orders. However, the feasibility depends on the complexity of the order and our current production schedule. Expedited lead time for many custom tools is available at additional cost. Standard products from stock in most cases can ship same day.

While we cater to a broad range of industries, we have particular expertise in creating tools for sectors like aerospace, new general materials, ultra hard ceramics, composites, optics, medical, and semiconductor manufacturing, where precision and reliability are critical.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our continuous investment in research and development, exploring new materials, tool designs, and manufacturing techniques to advance the state of diamond tool technology. Some of our staff have been in the industry for over 50+ years and have gained a wealth of experience in many different applications.

The lifespan of our diamond tools varies based on the type of tool, material being processed, and usage conditions. We provide estimated lifespans for our products and can offer advice on maximizing tool life based on specific applications.

We welcome and value client feedback. Clients can provide via email, or directly to our customer service team. We use this feedback to continually improve our products and services.

Our customization process involves understanding the specific needs of the industry and application, including material properties, desired precision, and equipment compatibility. We then tailor the tool design, diamond grit size, and bonding matrix to meet these unique requirements.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with relevant industry safety standards. We ensure that our tools meet or exceed the safety requirements set by regulatory bodies, providing our clients with assurance of their reliability and safety.

Yes, we offer comprehensive technical support, including guidance on tool installation, operation, and optimal usage practices. Our technical team is available to assist clients in maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of our tools.

For large-scale or bulk orders, we work closely with clients to understand their requirements and ensure timely production and delivery. We have the capacity to handle large orders while maintaining our high standards of quality and precision.

We value our long-term relationships with clients and may offer discounts for repeat customers or large-volume orders. Specific discount policies can be discussed with our sales team.

In the event of any issues with a delivered product, clients should contact us immediately. We will investigate the issue and work towards a prompt resolution, including replacement or repair of the product if necessary.

We are committed to continuous innovation and regularly introduce new products and enhancements. Our R&D team works tirelessly to keep our product line at the forefront of diamond tool technology.

Yes, we can provide references or testimonials from our clients upon request. These testimonials reflect our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Our R&D activities focus on developing new diamond tool technologies, improving existing products, and exploring innovative manufacturing processes. We collaborate with industry experts, academia, and invest in cutting-edge research to stay ahead in the field of diamond tool manufacturing.

Yes, we excel in creating custom solutions for specialized applications. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and develop tools that precisely meet their specific requirements.

Customer confidentiality is paramount, especially for custom projects. We have strict policies and agreements in place to protect the confidentiality of all client information and project details.

We continuously monitor industry trends and technological advancements to ensure our products remain relevant and effective. This involves regular updates to our product line and adopting new technologies that enhance tool performance and efficiency.

Our experienced team is adept at addressing technical challenges and unexpected issues. We employ problem-solving techniques and adapt our processes as needed to ensure the final product meets our high standards and client expectations

While our primary expertise is in diamond tools, we can collaborate with machinery manufacturers and provide expert advice on the development of complete cutting or drilling systems that integrate our tools.

We welcome opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures. Interested parties can contact us directly to discuss potential partnerships or research projects. We are open to exploring new ideas and opportunities that align with our expertise and business goals.

We employ advanced manufacturing techniques, precision engineering, and modern measurement systems to ensure the highest level of accuracy in our tools. Each tool is rigorously tested to meet stringent specifications for precision and performance.

We provide comprehensive support for troubleshooting, including direct assistance from our technical team. Customers can contact us for help with any tool-related issues, and we will work diligently to provide solutions and guidance.

Yes, we provide detailed technical specifications and data sheets for all our products and SDS Sheets. These documents offer in-depth information about tool dimensions, material composition, recommended usage, and other key details.

For custom requests beyond our standard range, we conduct a thorough analysis of the requirements and feasibility. If the project is viable, we engage our design and engineering teams to develop a possible solution.

Our staff includes professionals with a range of qualifications in engineering, material science, physics, chemistry, and manufacturing. Continuous training and development ensure our team stays knowledgeable about the latest advancements in diamond tool technology.

While our primary focus is on manufacturing tools, we can provide information on leasing or financing options available through our network of partners and associates for precision cutting machines.

We adhere strictly to all relevant international trade and export regulations. Our compliance team ensures that all transactions and shipments meet the necessary legal requirements. We do not export our products to countries restricted by the US Government.

Clients can stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, or regularly visiting our website. We regularly update these channels with information about new products, company news, and industry developments.

We have a clear return and exchange policy in place. Customers wishing to return or exchange a product should contact our customer service team to initiate the process, which includes guidelines on how to proceed based on the reason for return or exchange.

Depending on the project’s complexity and location, we can offer on-site support or consultation. Our team is equipped to provide expert advice and assistance in integrating our tools into complex projects.

For custom projects with tight deadlines, we prioritize efficient project management and clear communication with the client. Our production team works diligently to meet the required timelines without compromising on quality.

Our diamond consumables are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced bonding techniques, ensuring their reliability and longevity under various operational conditions.

While our primary expertise is in diamond tools, we can collaborate with machinery manufacturers and provide input in the design and development of custom machinery tailored to specific cutting or drilling needs.

We offer various payment options, including credit card, pay pal, bank transfer, net 30 terms to clients with open accounts and other methods. Customers can contact our sales team for detailed information on payment methods.

We source our raw materials from reputable suppliers and conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure consistency and high standards. Our supply chain is carefully managed to maintain the quality of our end products.

Upon request, we can provide case studies or references from our past projects or clients, showcasing our expertise and the successful application of our tools in various industries.

In custom tool development, any intellectual property rights are typically discussed and agreed upon with the client beforehand. We respect and protect the intellectual property involved in such projects.

Clients or potential customers interested in visiting our facilities can contact us to schedule an appointment.

Quality control is integral to our manufacturing process. We conduct multiple quality checks at various stages of production to ensure that every tool meets our high standards for performance and durability.

For large and complex orders, we assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process, from design and manufacturing to delivery. This ensures that all client specifications are met accurately and efficiently.

We provide online resources, including detailed product catalogs, selection guides, and the ability to request quotes or place orders directly through our website.

We stay competitive by continuously innovating, extensive R & D efforts, cooperating with academia, industry experts & consultants, our experienced staff, investment in technology, maintaining high-quality standards, offering custom solutions, and adapting to the changing needs of the global market.

While our primary focus is on manufacturing diamond tools, we can provide guidance and recommendations for retrofitting or upgrading existing equipment with our tools to enhance performance and efficiency.

We have extensive experience in working with a variety of materials. Our approach involves careful analysis of the material properties and adapting our tool design and manufacturing process to ensure optimal performance for specialized or unique materials.

We engage in research collaborations with academic institutions, industry experts, and technology partners to advance our diamond tool technology and explore innovative applications.