Lapidary Blades

SMART CUT® SERIES 315M Diamond Lapidary Blades

SMART CUT® SERIES 315M Sintered (Metal bond) diamond lapidary blades are specially designed to efficiently cut a wide range of hard lapidary materials using high-speed, water-cooled tile and brick saws, ensuring minimal chipping and maximizing performance. These blades are capable of delivering precise, straight cuts in dense rocks such as quartz, agate, geodes, petrified wood, jasper, as well as granite, marble, and porcelain tiles when used with your lapidary saw. The precision and reliability of SMART CUT® SERIES 315M  blades make them indispensable tools for both professional and amateur lapidaries.

Diamond Rotary Dresser

Diamond Rollers  are used to form grinding wheels for many different kinds of mass production. Shorter dressing time and long tool life leads to high productivity and consistent process conditions. Many kinds of conventional grinding wheels, and in special cases super-hard grinding wheels, can be dressed with this dressing method. Dressing rollers can be classified under Diamond profile dressing rollers and Diamond form dressing rollers. Diamond profile dressing rollers are ued to share grinding wheels in shortest amount of time. Profile form dressing rollers are used to from simple and high complex profile contours.

SMART CUT Series 300M

SMART CUT® Series 300M 300M Professional Diamond Blade is a UKAM Industrial premium quality blade. The SMART CUT® series 300M


Narrow Slot Segment Design - Diamond Depth (Height): 5mm - 16" to 36" Diameter
SMART CUT®  Series slabbing sintered (metal bond) diamond cut off blades, are Segmented Design with (narrow spacing between the segments). Designed for smooth cutting of ultra hard materials. Such as soft rocks & minerals, advanced ceramics, glass, composites, and some metals. Perfect for users who wish to minimizes loss of valuable material. This is a popular slabbing blade used among geological laboratories. Most widely used blade for cutting precious & semi precious stones / rocks.

SMART CUT® 325M Continuous Slabbing Blade

SMART CUT® Series - 325M Continuous Rim - Diamond Depth (Height): 8mm
SMART CUT™ Series 330MS Continuous rim, Sintered (Metal Bond) blade is designed for delicate cutting and minimum chipping of wide variety of natural stone, semi precious stone, glass, and related materials. Continuous rim diamond blades produce the best surface finish and minimum amount of chipping possible.

SMART CUT® 330MS segmented lapidary blade

SMART CUTTM Series - 330MS Wide Slot Segment Design - Diamond Depth (Height): 8mm SMART CUT Series 330MS Wide spacing between segments. Designed for fast and more aggressive cutting, where chipping and very smooth cut loss is not essential. And loss of material is not critical. Perfect for medium to hard lapidary materials, and less experienced blade users.

Smart Lapidary Blades

SMART CUT® Series 310M Lapidary Blades Diamond Lapidary Blades SMART CUT™ Series 310M Sintered (Metal Bond) Blades New Generation & Technology