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New CE certified Precision Diamond Slicing / Dicing Saw is designed for Laboratory and R & D use. This machine can be used for slicing, dicing or cutting all kinds of materials up 4″ diameter wafer or rectangular material up to 8″ length x 4″ width x 1″in depth saw is fully controlled by a computer ( any PC or Desktop computer) with position accuracy of 0.01 mm or better.

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Digital Microscope Head is a digital camera professionally designed for M45 portable microscope. Displaying actual image of the material as its being cut in real time on the PC screen.

With the powerful software Scope Photo included, it is extremely convenient to do the basic and advanced image processing and measurement to the images captured. The simple operation ensures you doing all these processing works at great ease.

Digital Microscope Head employs newly designed optical system of fully coated, based on MTF (modulation Transfer Function) analysis, for improved image flatness and contrast. The images are brighter and distinct even at the periphery of the field of view. Especially, this system matches the specific characters of magnifier.

How to adapt Digital Microscope onto the Stereo Microscope?

Remove the rubber eye-cap and its plastic holder, and then mount the adapter-ring onto the eyepiece. Insert Digital Microscope Head into the adapter-ring

  • The stereo microscope ( 50x) with support fixture is designed for slicing/dicing The microscope has 50X magnification and built in reticule (scale) in nm and inch.
  • Can be used for aligning wafer before cutting, and observe cut width and edge chipping after
  • Vise on the frame is used to mount the frame on the The optical stereo microscope can be moved vertically, horizontally, and rotated at 360 degrees. However, best position for monitoring cutting shall be installed as the picture below.
  • The microscope also can be used as portable microscope when installing with plastic base (Fig. C) , and as a 5X magnifier and 10X Monocular when disassembling as Fig-D
  • Note: You may choose digital microscope head , and upgrade the microscope to digital and observe sample cut under computer screen


The machine comes with Brand Name Lap Top 15″ to 16″ with pre installed windows based and user friendly software. That allows to set the sample shape, cut width, number of slices, cut depth, and account for blade kerf.

Behind the user friendly interface GUI is G code. Where the operator can program and control the machine operation without the user interface if needed.

The optional stereo microscope can also be connected, with the operator having option to view the cutting as it is being done in real time

4" Rotary table

  • rotary table is a precision piece of equipment that has been designed to work with slicing/dicing saw and any precision rotating operation whenever the small 4-inch size would bean
  • table is 2″ high and 4″ (100mm) in diameter. The main components have been machined from solid bar stock steel, and the complete unit weighs seven
  • table has been engraved with a laser, giving sharp and precise lines every 5”4X, numbered every 15”4X. These lines are calibrated with the 72-tooth worm gear that is driven by the
  • handwheel is divided into 50 parts, making each line on the handwheel 1/10”4X. This allows a circle to be divided into 3600 increments without interpolation. Seventy-two revolutions of the handwheel rotate the table one
  • table T-slots are identical to those used on the slicing/dicing saw 6. Two hold-down clamps and T-nuts are provided with the

Precision Cross Mount Vise for Slicing/Dicing Saw

  • The cross mount vise is designed for cutting sample with precision 90o angle (+/- 02o ) without alignment
  • This crossing mounting vise can be employed and turned at 900 on the mechanical chucks
  • cut square shape sample by only turning the sample at 900 without guessing and alignment

Heavy Duty Coolant Circulating Tank with Pump, 4 L

The 4 liter capacity heavy duty coolant circulating tank is designed to be used with this slicing/dicing saw

  • Operation power: 208V ~240V (If you need 110V power supply, please order a 200W transformer)
  • 4 Liters stainless steel tank with 1″ drain port and 1/4″ outlet port
  • Built in 40W fluid pump, Flowing rate: 12L/min.
  • Pumping height: 3 meters Max.
  • imension: 270mm x220mm
  • Plastic Hose: 05mm O.D. 2.3m Length (7.5 feet)
  • Water Inlet: 4mm I.D. 31.75mm O.D.
  • Weight: 3kgs

120L/min Oillless Vacuum Pump

  • compact design
  • Low noise and vibration
  • More efficient cooling system
  • Completely oil-less
  • Maintenance-free
  • Longer running life
  • Ideal for small gas circulating system

4" Vacuum Chuck

wafer or substrate is placed on removable adhesive film which is then placed on the vacuum chuck. Open vacuum valve, vacuum chuck will suck wafer firmly and ready for cutting.

Wafer Bonding Tape for Vacuum Chuck

  • High strength film is for bonding wafer (up to 6″ dia) or thin substrate (< 2.0 mm thickness ) to vacuum chunk of EC400 dicing saw or any dicing saw with< 6″ diameter vacuum chuck.
  • Width: 5″
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Length: sold by 10 feet per quantity

Full Enclosure Made from Lexon

full enclosure is provide to keep the cutting area enclosed environment

Standard Package

What is included with each machine

Item No. Description Items included with machine Picture
1001 Cross mount vise 1 pcs
1002 Controller w/cables & software floppy 1 set
1003 Mechanical chuck 1pcs
1004 Water splash guard 1set
1005 Aluminum plate 2 pcs
1006 Wax bulk for gluing samples 2 pcs
1007 Graphite plate for holding samples 2 pcs
1008 Fully sintered diamond blade 4″x 0.3mm x 1/2″ 1 pcs
1008A Sintered (metal bond) diamond blade 4″x 0.3mm x 1/2″ 1 pcs
1009 1 Quart of SMART CUT™ water soluble coolant 1 quart
1010 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 6″ dressing stick (any spec) 1 pcs
1011 Blade Flanges (62 mmin dia.) 1 pair
1012 Blade clamps (42 mmin dia.) 1 pair
1013 4″ Steel plate for holding samples 1 pcs
1014 Screw drivers 1 set
1015 Water hoses 1 set
1016 Plastic splash-protection cover 1 set
1017 Operation manual in CD 1 set
1018 14″-15″ laptop with software installed 1 set
1019 4″ Vacuum chuck 1 pcs
1020 110V or 220V Vacuum 1 pcs
1021 Adhesive film for wafer holding 10ft 1 pc


Your choice of one (1) quart of SMART CUT™ Water Soluble Coolant or Mineral Oil is included with machine. SMART CUT™ Water Soluble Coolant Reduces material thermal stress, edge damage, and internal cracking, increases blade life, provides better cut quality, preserves material micro structure

Hence, assuring long-term integrity of material being sectioned. Since SMART CUT coolant is both a coolant and lubricant, both the wafering blade and material benefit. Mix ratio is 1:20 (1 part coolant, 20 parts water) on very hard and dense materials and 1:40 (1 part coolant, 40 parts water) on softer materials. Depending on mix ratio 1 quart will produce 5.7 to 9 gallons of coolant when mixed with water. As a coolant, SMART CUT KOOL reduces heat caused by friction. As a lubricant, SMART CUT KOOL lowers friction and surface tension, which increases swarf dispersion


one (1) diamond wafering blade any specification is included FREE OF CHARGE with purchase of any machine (any specification). we have almost unlimited number of diamond & CBN wafering blade specifications in stock available for immediate delivery. Available in different sizes, thickness, arbor sizes, diamond concentrations, diamond mesh sizes, and bond hardness’s. With several thousand unique blade specification in stock not listed on our standard stock program. This insures you will receive the best blade specification possible for your specific application.


One (1) dressing stick is included with the purchase of any machine free of charge. The dressing stick we supply is similar to the diamond size of the wafering blade you have chosen (or we recommended) for your application. Wafering Blades must be diamonds particles/crystals exposed properly through frequent dressing. Otherwise, the diamond tool will glaze over. They will begin to tear rather than grind which is very destructive. Tearing caused from unexposed diamonds creates friction. This causes uneven wear and/or heat cracks in the wafering blade and/or material being cut. Resulting in premature blade wear, blade tensioning problems, and will eventually destroy the blade. The more frequently the blade is dressed the freer and cooler it will cut with lot more consistency.

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