metal bond diamond discs

Metal Bond Diamond Discs

Metal Bond Diamond Discs, have diamond particles held firmly in place on a rigid backing by electroplated erosion resisting nickel for maximum bond strength and heat dissipation. A hard nickel alloy is used to rigidly bond a layer of sharp, blocky diamond to a steel backing. The sharp diamond particles cut cleanly with no edge rounding. Diamond Laps / Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Discs radically reduce the time required for material lapping/grinding process. Metal bond diamond grinding discs are available with either magnetic or PSA backing.

SMART CUT® Series 600 RCBN CBN, Resin Bond Cut Off Blades

SMART CUT®  Series 600 RCBN CBN, Cut Off blades are designed for cutting of extremely hard ferrous metals (HV 500 - 1400) used on large variety of high speed & abrasive cut off saws.
Resin bond CBN Cut Off Blades offer superior cut quality than any type diamond wafering blade available. Recommended for applications where cut quality and surface finish is very important. Compared to their sintered (metal bond) wafering blade counterparts. Resin Bond CBN Cut Off Blades offer far superior cut quality than the finest size metal bond (sintered) bade. Recommended for cutting Tool Steels, Heat-sensitive Materials, Hard Alloys, Soft Ferrous Alloys, Titanium Alloys where low heat generation or improved surface finish is desired. Most commonly used at higher speeds.