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Diamond Abrasive Flexible Sheet

SMART CUT Diamond flexible abrasive sheet is perfect for creating your own custom tools for grinding, shaping, deburring, polishing, and sharpening. It comes in a Fine 600 grit (30 Microns) and is available in sizes of 50mm x 100mm (2" x 4") with a thickness of 0.3mm, featuring an adhesive backing.

To craft your personalized diamond abrasive tools, simply trim the sheet to your desired size and shape. This diamond sheet can be utilized both dry and wet. When using, let the diamond abrasive perform the work without exerting excessive pressure, particularly when dealing with corners or sharp edges. It's suitable for use on a variety of materials including all stone types, glass, ceramics, hard metals, granite, and marble.

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About Nickel Bond
(Electroplated) Tools

Electroplated (nickel bond) diamond products usually have a single layer of diamonds, held by a tough durable nickel alloy. Nickel is frequently used as a base for plating diamond. Because of its excellent strength, toughness and flexibility during the plating process. Electroplated diamond products are able to retain their original shape and dimensions thought their working life. Unlike sintered (meal bond) or resin bond diamond products, where diamond particles are buried in bond and held together by metal or resin binder deep inside.

Electroplating allows diamond particles to protrude from the bond matrix, providing a free, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation.

Flexible Sheet

Diamond Abrasive Flexible Sheet – Nickel Bond (Plated)

Selected high quality diamonds are electroplated with a nickel matrix through a special flexible stainless steel mesh, or a very strong flexible backing cloth, which achieves a very strong fast grinding and finishing product.

Flexible Sheet

Diamond Abrasive Flexible Sheet – Resin Bond

The finer resin polishing grades are bonded with a resin matrix on to a very strong flexible backing cloth for a smooth grinding action to achieve an excellent polished finish.

Wet Working

SMART CUT diamond sheets have been designed to be used wet to achieve the maximum performance, finish and life.

Dry Working

Some of the nickel bond flexible sheets can be used dry without coolant on certain applications.


Exceptional Hardness and Durability :

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material. This extreme hardness makes diamond abrasive sheets highly effective at grinding, shaping, or polishing harder materials like stone, glass, ceramics, and hard metals. They also tend to have a longer lifespan compared to other abrasive materials like silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.

Precision and Consistency :

Diamond abrasives provide a high level of precision and consistency in finishing surfaces. They are capable of producing exceptionally smooth and uniform finishes, which is crucial in applications requiring high precision, such as in the optics industry or in fine metalworking.

Versatility :

These sheets can be used on a variety of materials, making them versatile tools in both industrial and craft contexts. They can be used on materials that are difficult to work with using other types of abrasives.

Flexibility :

The flexibility of these sheets allows them to be used on contoured or irregular surfaces, which is particularly useful in detailed work or in situations where rigid tools cannot reach or effectively process the material.

Reduced Heat Generation :

Diamond abrasives can be more efficient in heat dissipation, reducing the risk of heat damage to the workpiece. This is particularly important in precision applications where thermal distortion can be a concern.

Variety of Grit Sizes :

Like other abrasive materials, diamond sheets come in a range of grit sizes, allowing for everything from rapid material removal to fine polishing. This range makes them suitable for multiple stages of a finishing process.

Improved Safety and Reduced Dust :

When used properly, diamond abrasive sheets can produce less dust than some other abrasive materials, which is beneficial for both the working environment and the health and safety of the user.

Cost-Effectiveness Over Time :

Although diamond abrasive sheets might have a higher initial cost compared to other abrasive materials, their durability and longevity can make them more cost-effective in the long run, especially in industrial or high-volume settings.

Water Compatibility :

Many diamond abrasive sheets can be used with water, which can further reduce dust and heat, and improve the quality of the finish.