Minature Diamond & Cbn Cut Off Blades



Use for cutting, slotting, grooving, grinding, & shaping a large spectrum of materials. Ranging from ultra hard & brittle materials (such as A1203, sapphire, etc), Ultra Hard Metals, Glass, Composites. Hundreds of Sintered (metal bond), Miniature Diamond & CBN Cut Off Blades are available in stock in all diameters, thicknesses, inside diameters, specifications (grit sizes, concentrations, shapes, radiuses, etc). Used on large variety of equipment such as Dremel, Fordedom Hand Pieces, Die Grinders, CNC Machines and other cutting machines.

Bond Type Availables:

  • Nickel Bond, Diamond
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond
  • Nickel Bond, CBN
  • Polycrstalline Diamond
  • Sintered (Metal Bond)
  • Tungsten Carbide

Minature Diamond Cutting Wheels Sintered (Metal Bond)

Used on: rotary hand pieces such as Dremel, Foredom, Die Grinders, Milling Machines, & other machinesUsed for cutting, slotting, grinding &...

Small Diameter, Continuous Rim (plated)

Continuous rim diamond catting blades are used for dry cutting of larger variety of composite materials, fiberglass, plastics and other soft and

Small Diameter, Slotted (plated)

Slotted, plated diamond cutting blades are used for dry cutting of larger variety of composite materials, fiberglass, plastics and other soft and gummy...

Minature Slitting Blades (plated) with Straight Shank

Available from stock from 8mm to 22mm Diameter. These multi layered plated wheels come mounted on shank 3mm diameter. Kerf thickness .026" to...

Small Diameter, Mounted Blades (plated)

Mounted electroplated diamond trimming blades. These blades are used where it is necessary to cut close into a corner. The diamond blade and spindl...

Small Diameter, Mounted Blades (Braised Bond)

Braised bond diamond trimming blades, can be mounted on one of our arbors. These blades are used where it is necessary to cut close into a...

Slitting Blades Continuous Rim (plated)

SMART CUT Miniature Electroplated Diamond Wheels are precision-engineered tools, perfect for detailed cutting and slotting tasks. These wheels are specifically designed for enthusiasts and professionals who demand accuracy and efficiency in their work. 20 to 22mm in diameter kerf thickness.022" to .030" with small mandrel use for cutting, slotting large variety of materials used on dremel, foredom, other hand piece grinders, die grinders.

Slitting Blades, Sloted (Plated)

SMART CUT Minature Slotted Eelectroplated Diamond Wheels are desgiend for cutting and slotting large variety of materials. The slotted design helps cut faster and freer specially for softer and gummy materials. These are available from 20mm to 30mm diameter. Used on equipment such as dremel, foredom, and other hand piece grinders.

Slitting Blades, Slotted (Plated)

Electroplated Diamond Miniature Slotted Slitting Blades are precision-engineered tools designed for high-performance cutting and slitting applications. Ranging in diameter from 50mm to 100mm, these blades are ideal for detailed and intricate work. Slotted design helps cut faster and freer specially on softer and gummy materials.

Small Diameter Turbo Type Diamond Wheels with Mandrel

SMART CUT Miniature sintered turbo type diamond wheels mounted on a mandrel are used for cutting, engraving, and carving of large variety of materials. Available from 30mm to 75mm Diameter, with various kerf thicknesses, and shank/mandrel diameters.

Small Diameter Notching & Groving Blades

SMART CUT Electroplated Diamond Wheels are engineered with a unique design, featuring a core that is thicker than the diamond section. This innovative construction ensures enhanced durability and superior performance for a range of applications. Ideal for various tasks such as cutting, slotting, grooving, and scribing.

Minature Diamond Wheels, Sintered (Metal bond) with Mandrel

SMART CUT Sintered (Metal Bond) diamond & CBN slitting blades have diamond or cbn abrasive all the way through the slitter so you can use the edge for making thin, precise cuts through various materials or the top for grinding down edges. All of these blades can be mounted on various shafts such as 3/32" (2.35mm) or 1/8" (3.2mm) for use in a Dremel or Foredom Flexible shaft type grinder.

Sintered (Metal Bond) Mounted Diamond Slitting Wheels

diamond wheels for cutting, grinding, shaping larget veriety of materials are mounted to precision arbors usually with 5/8-11" female thread or other thread sizes to be used on different equipment such as high speed air grinders, angle grinders, cnc machines, etc available from 50mm to 150mm diameter.

fully sintered (metal bond) mounted diamond slitting

wheels these wheels are made to order can be made of almost any diameter, any shank diameter any height, radius/angle, & specification.

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