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SMART CUT® Precision& Ultra Thin Diamond & CBN Blades for Gang Saw Machines

SMART CUT Precision Gang Arbors & Hubs – Your Key to Precision Machining Excellence!

Are you in search of the ultimate solution for your OD grinding, vertical spindle grinding, precision slicing, and dicing needs? Look no further! SMART CUT Precision Gang Arbors &Hubs are engineered to meet your machining requirements with unparalleled precision and versatility. For holding individual or gang stacked diamond blades or carbide saw blades.We can also provide large variety of schism and spacers of almost any thickness, materials and tolerance.

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Compatible with Leading Equipment Brands

Our SMART CUT Precision Gang Arbors & Hubs are the trusted choice of professionals and manufacturers across various industries. They seamlessly integrate with equipment from renowned brands like MTI, Disco, Veeco, K&S/ADT, MECO/FICO, and many others, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Features :

  • Standard and Custom Sizes: Choose from a wide range of standard sizes or opt for custom solutions tailored to your unique specifications.
  • Diverse Materials: Our arbors and hubs are available in a variety of materials, including anodized aluminum, heat-treated steel, stainless steel, and titanium, allowing you to select the perfect material for your application.
  • Unmatched Precision: With shoulder perpendicularity as tight as 0.000050 inches, radial runout of less than 0.0002 inches, and axial runout of the blade assembly also under 0.0002 inches, SMART CUT ensures precision like no other.
  • Extended Shafts: Need a longer shaft? No problem! Our arbors and hubs accommodate shafts as long as 40 inches, providing flexibility for a wide range of applications.


  • Secure Blade Positioning: Our precision design guarantees a secure and reliable hold on your blades, minimizing the risk of errors and enhancing overall safety.
  • Exceptional Pitch Tolerances: Achieve perfection with pitch tolerances as tight as ± 0.0001 inches, ensuring the utmost accuracy in your machining operations.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Reduce setup time with SMART CUT’s arbors and hubs, which come equipped with multiple diameters and thicknesses on the same arbor, streamlining your workflow.
  • User-Friendly: Our products are designed with ease of use in mind, making it simple for users to restack blades and change spacers for different applications.
  • Sustainability: SMART CUT Gang Arbors & Hubs are reusable for multiple applications, thanks to their adaptable nature and interchangeable components.
  • Versatility: Enjoy the convenience of multiple pitches and shoulder positions on the same arbor or hub, giving you unparalleled flexibility in your machining processes.
  • Truing and Restacking Services: SMART CUT offers additional services to keep your equipment in top shape, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.


  • Standard and custom size arbors and hubs
  • Body material can be
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Heat treated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Shoulder perpendicularity: 0.000050 in.
  • Radial runout of Arbor or Hub: < 0.0002 in.
  • Axial runout of blade assembly: < 0.0002 in.
  • Shafts as long as 40 in

Some Equipment Used On:

  • MTI
  • Disco
  • Veeco
  • K&S/ADT
  • & Many Others


  • Precision design holds blades securely in position
  • Extremely accurate pitch tolerances to ± 0.0001 in.
  • Minimize setup time by including multiple diameters and thickness on the same arbor
  • Easy for user to restack
  • Reusable for many applications by changing spacers
  • Multiple pitches and shoulder positions on the same arbor or hub
  • Truing and restacking

Why Choose Us?

Optimize Your Application To Ultimate Level Of Efficiency

Why Work With Us?

Comprehensive Source Of Information On Diamond Drills & Tools

We understand that your success depends on select the right diamond drill & too, and optimizing your parameters to best fit your applications/needs. The more you understand about what we can do for you, the better our partnership will be. On our website you will find the Most Comprehensive Source of Information on Everything you wanted to know about diamond drills & industrial diamond tools.

Large Inventory & Custom Manufacturing

Largest Inventory of Diamond Drills & Tools in the U.S Available in different diameters, wall thicknesses, angles, radiuses, drill depths, mounting types, bond types, diamond mesh sizes, concentrations, bond hardness, tolerances. Custom Manufacturing to fit your particular requirements is available with short lead times and no minimum order quantities.

Experience Makes All The Difference

Over the years we have enjoyed working with all types if clients, regardless of size. Proprietary drill chemistry, precision manufacturing methods, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables that affect drill life, quality of cut, surface finish. Reducing and often eliminating additional steps often required after drilling.

Umatched Technical Support

We Are a Partner In Your Success
Developing close ties with our customers is the foundation of our business. At the core of our company is a team of world class engineers, knowledgeable customer service personnel here to serve you. Whether is designing or manufacturing a special solution. We will go out of our way to optimizing your process to ultimate level of efficiency.


American Manufacturer
As one of the few remaining independent U.S.Diamond Tool & machine builders. We have the experience & tradition to help you remain at frontier of technology Our experience has been further enhanced by acquiring assets and processes from some of the oldest American tool manufacturers, along with their decades of experience and R& D. This has positioned us as one of the most experienced companies in the industry.

Superior Quality &

Our unique bond formulations, tool designs, stringent requirements, and utilization of exceptionally high-quality diamonds and raw materials ensure top-notch products that adhere to strict ISO 9000 standards.

Our proprietary technology allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variable that affect toolife, quality, & consistency

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