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SMART CUT™ 6011 - Automatic Sectioning Saw


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automatic laboratory diamond saw is designed for precision cutting all type of materials up to 3" diameter. The saw is equipped with 8" diameter diamond blade and touch-push panel to achieve automatic control. The system features an integral coolant recirculation system which extends blade life and clears cutting debris to improve cutting rate and surface quality. Material is fed into the blade by several different methods by use of table attachments. A wide range of sample fixtures can be held by the saw. This method allows the workpiece to be mounted rapidly and conveniently without the need for mounting waxes or cementsFor Industrial and research operations, SMART CUT 6011 offers an unparalleled combination of cut quality, accuracy, versatility, and affordability. Perfect for any metallurgical, ceramic and advanced materials laboratories or manufacturer.

combining heavy duty construction of a much larger cut off machine with the ability to make precision cuts worthy of the fines abrasive or diamond cut off machines. powerful 1 HP motor enables the user to cut through even the hardest materials up to 2" inches in up to 8" inches in diameter. The variable speed spindle optimizes motor speed to provide the most efficient cutting rate for superior results. The feed rate is continuously adjustable and held constant through the cut.

coolant feeder is installed left below the table. it may be moved at any angle to change the coolant flowing direction. Connecting the coolant inlet to a circulating pump and the coolant outlet to a tank which the pump laced inside will build a circulating coolant system. Sample will be clamped tightly by the vice and machine will cut sample orderly following the program which is defined by the user including width, length, quantity cutting speed, feed rate and etc.

This machine uses pulse circuit to control the speed of a permanent magnet dc motor which is permanent magnet excitation and closed self coolant. it has the advanced short circuit protector and high stability voltage. Ensure to work normally at low speed no self induced vibration or abrupt speedup. The blade is installed on the main shaft and spins with it to implement cutting

the control part of the machine consists of 4.3" color tough screen and PLC making easier operation and beautiful appearance. the cooling system is built in the machine may skillfully minimize parts deformation. Special vice fully guarantees the cutting performance providing steady sample holding and precise measurement. this machine has a protective cover which will prevent coolant splash and insure enclosed cutting area. This cover also connects with the safety lock which when left unclosed will stop machine from cutting as a safety measure. Front panel of machine has large emergency stop button to power off the machine in an emergency.


  Technical Information:  

  • RPM'S: 300-3500

  • Motor: 1 HP high torque DC motor

  • Blade Range: 6" to 8" (150mm to 200mm)

  • 1" dia spindle and 2" flange


  • X axis travel length: 80 mm

  • Blade Size: 200mm

  • vice open width: 60mm

  • Programmable Y and X axis advancement via LCD panel to achieve automatic cutting with 0.01 mm precision

  • Re-circulating coolant system with adjustable nozzles

  • Protective splash cover with electronic safety interlock

  • Quick clamp is included to make sample mount easy and fast

  • power: 600w

  • input voltage: AC220

  • overall dimension: 734mm x 540mm x 475mm

  • weight: 72 kg

Control Panel Operation


  • Versatility - The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes and applications.

  • Cutting Accuracy - The use of precision lead screws on all sample feeds means cuts may be positioned accurately

  • Long Cuts & Dicing - The large work-table and layout of the machine allows for long cuts to be achieved - perfect for failure analysis, and QA applications such as longitudinal sectioning of components. Sectioned workpieces may be an end in themselves, or the starting point for lapping and polishing

Control Panel

Manual Mode - manually control cutting parameters

Auto Mode - automatically control cutting parameters


  • Minimal Blade Load / Very Easy to Use & Operate

  • Largest surface work area available in its class

  • Best performance & price per cut

  • Universal Application / Adjusts to fit almost any application

  • Can withstand more exploitation that conventional precision sectioning saws

  • Improve Cutting / Sectioning Speed

  • Minimize Material Structure Deformation

  • Improve Surface Finish Quality / Minimize burrs on edges

  • Reduce Material Loss

  • Perfect for Organizations on a Budget

FREE Diamond Wafering

How to select the Right Diamond Wafering Blade for your application >>>

Any Mesh Size or Diamond Concentration. We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right parameters for your specific material/application.

Accepts Most Blade Types - The system accepts a wide range of O.D. diamond and abrasive blades for standard cutting, and is readily adaptable to accept special 'dicing' blades for the smallest kerf. 

Recirculating Coolant Pump Option

SMART CUT™ Precision Diamond Sectioning have been successfully implemented and proven in hundreds of advanced materials and applications. SMART CUT™ Precision Manual and Semi-Automatic Saws provide Advanced Material Laboratories and Manufacturing Facilities consistent performance as fully automatic saws, at small fraction of the cost

With ever increasing budget cuts, many facilities find the use of Precision Sawing/Sectioning Equipment and Consumables cost prohibitive. 

Fully automatic Precision Sawing machines usually cost thousands of dollars. Yet, most advanced material facilities very rarely require the functionality of high cost, automatic sectioning saws. SMART CUT™ series of Precision Diamond Saws have been designed to provide the material researcher or engineer the same capabilities they would expect from high cost automatic sectioning saws, at fraction of the price. Start Saving Money Today!

We recognize that the Diamond Wafering / Sectioning Blade by itself is perhaps the most important factor in your sectioning / precision diamond sawing operation. The diamonds impregnated inside the bond matrix of the wafering blade, are what actually participate in cutting action. No matter how precision or well made your wafering saw. You will not be able to obtain the material surface finish, and precision tolerances you need, if the blade you are using is not right for your application. UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools proprietary blade chemistry, precision manufacturing methods, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables that affect blade life, quality of cut, surface finish. Reducing and often eliminating additional steps often required after sectioning. All blades are manufactured and available from inventory to fit your specific material, application, and surface finish requirements. We will work with you to determine your needs, and develop the right bond formulation, concentration, and grit sizes.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is one of the Leading Diamond Wafering Blade Manufacturers, with one of the Largest Inventory of Precision Diamond Wafering Blades in the U.S. With over 4,000 diamond wafering blades in stock, available in different sizes, thickness, arbor sizes, diamond concentrations, diamond mesh sizes, and bond hardness's.

You are sure to find the Right Diamond Wafering Blade for your  application in stock and ready for same day delivery. If you are not using these blades, you are paying too much.

What you will save on the cost of consumables and Diamond Wafering Blades will more than pay for the saw in short period of time.

What you should know before you buy your next diamond blade?




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