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Possible Cause




  • Overheated Specimen
  • Increase amount of coolant
  • Decrease cutting speed or load


Excessive blade brakeage

  • Improper blade dressing
  • Insufficient clamping of the specimen
  • Too high an initial load
  • Distribute Coolant Evenly
  • Secure specimen with a rubber mounting pad
  • Reduce initial loading to set cutting kerf

Excessive blade wobble

  • Too high a cutting load
  • Reduce applied load and/or use larger diameter support flanges


Low cutting rates

  • Smeared material on the blade

  • Too low a cutting speed and/or load
  • Redress blade at <100 grams force
    and <200 rpm speed
  • Increase cutting speeds and loads
  • Rotate specimen to minimize cutting area

Excessive specimen damage or chipping

  • Improper blade for application
  • Excessive vibration
  • Use HYBRID BOND Diamond Blade
  • Secure specimen with rubber mounting pad

Burr formation on specimen at end of cut

  • Too high a load and/or speed at end of cut
  • Excessive vibration
  • Reduce speeds and loads to reduce cutting rate
  • Secure specimen with rubber mounting pads

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