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Manufactured from one solid piece of steel and the finest quality synthetic diamonds. Drill-it Small & Precision Core Bits are designed for the professional user looking to drill very hard or valuable materials. Where precision and attention to detail counts the most. They are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Drilling Life: 2,000+ holes on most materials. Find out more... (diamond drill life will vary with material hardness, drilling depth, coolant and coolant method used. As well as operator experience.

Drill-it Precision Diamond Core Bit threaded to a water swivel adopter

Core Bits have a 5/8-11" thread. And are designed for coolant (water) flow through the center of drills. For maximum drill life and performance use water swivel adopter. All drills come with shank adopter your choice 3/8", 1/2", and 1/2" gas male, included in the price of drill. Use shank adopter to place drill in drill press chuck.

Drill-it Precision Diamond Core Bits may be used on just about any material. Ranging from 4.5 to 9 on the mohe's scale. Such as sapphire, agate, opal, grainte, marble, glass, and quartz. And all popular equipment. Find out more.

Precision diamond drills - SMART CUT vs. Conventional metal bonded diamond drills

Drill-it precision diamond core bits are the best value for users looking for high quality, and long lasting drills at an affordable price. The most fast drilling, highly aggressive, and longest lasting core bits available today. You can tell a DRILL-IT diamond core bit apart from other drills, by the clean and smooth finish they leave behind. Unlike other core bits witch will work on some materials, and not on others. DRILL-IT are one of the first core bit that will do an excellent job on just about any material. You can't beat their universal performance.

Precision diamond drills  SMART CUT vs. Electroplated (nickel bonded) diamond drills

Varying with application, an average electroplated diamond core drill will last you 80 holes. Whereas a Precision Diamond Core Bits with SMART CUT technology will last 2,000 holes. Once you compare price and performance per hole, SMART CUT Precision Diamond Core Bits are the best alternative.

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Item #  Diameter Rim Depth  Rim Thickness Recommended RPM  Price  Add to Basket PURCHASE
4000108SG 1/8" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 2,500 Request Quote    
4000316SG 3/16" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 2,250 Request Quote    
4000104SG 1/4" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 2,000 $59.78 Ad to Basket BUY ONE NOW
4000516SG 5/16" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 1,500 $58.25 Ad to Basket BUY ONE NOW
4000308SG 3/8" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 1,250 $59.65 Ad to Basket BUY ONE NOW
4000716SG 7/16" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 1,000 $58.37 Ad to Basket BUY ONE NOW
4000102SG 1/2" .315" (8mm) .0787" (2mm) 950 $62.75 Ad to Basket BUY ONE NOW


a.)  All prices are in USD (United States Dollars)

b.) Customers with an online account may receive discount

c.) Quantity Discounts are available. Please, contact a representative at Phone: (661) 257-2288

d.) Prices are F.O.B. Valencia, CA U.S.A.

e.) Prices are subject to change

    Additional Sizes in Stock                                   Guarantee:     

3mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm,                          100% Quality and Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm

       USED ON:                                                            APPLICATION: (materials used on)      

                                          Designed for drilling materials from 9.5 to 4.5 on mohe's scale

Low Speed Drill Press                                                from Sapphire down to Glass. You can't beat their universal 

Mounted Hand Piece Drills                                         application. Examples of materials listed in order of hardness:

Angle Grinders/Hand Held Grinders                            Sapphire, Agate, Opal, Porcelain,

Electric Hand Held Drills                                             Granite, Marble, Quartz, Glass.  

CNC Machines                                                           Drill Usage Instructions & Recommendations  (PDF file)  

other equipment with applicable speed RPM

     DRILLING ACCESSORIES - Shank Adopters      

Complete and Ready to Drill

All DRILL-IT precision and heavy duty core bits come already mounted with adopter 5/8"-11" female thread and additional adopter (your choice) that is included in the price of drill. This is FREE of charge. Drills can be used with water swivel adopter or placed into chuck. The following Core Bit shank adopters are available:


          3/8" Shank Adopter                        1/2" Shank Adopter                1/2" Gas Male Shank Adopter


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