Using Coolant through center of your drills

When drilling with diamond drills, the proper use of coolant is important for two reasons.  

Minimize Drill & Material Overheating

Frictional heat produced at the working face of diamond tip must be disposed immediately. Otherwise the diamond become rapidly damaged by oxidation and graphitization. Excessive heat generated while drilling will also damage the metal matrix holding the diamonds in place.

Insure Drilling Consistency

Debris generated while drilling should be removed as soon as they are produced. When this drilling debris is not removed rapidly, diamond wear increases through abrasion caused by the presence of excessive coarse stone fragments.

Water is the most common coolant used for many drilling applications. It is always a good idea to pump an adequate supply of water through the center of the drill. So that an uninterrupted flow is maintained flushing across the working surface of the drill diamond section. In this way diamonds and the metal matrix are both kept sufficiently cool. And material debris is removed as soon as it is produced. This is the most optimum condition for your drill.  

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Reduce Friction between material and drill

Water also penetrates the micro-cracks witch are generated upon impact of material and diamond drill. Under ideal conditions, the material will absorb water, hence becoming completely saturated with water. In this state the material is weaker and more easily drillable.

The coolant surface tension also plays an important part in the drilling operation. Usually the lower the surface tension, the easier it is for the coolant to enter the micro cracks. Coolant with a lower surface tension also wets the diamonds more easily. Most users find that by lowering the surface tension of their coolant, resulted in better cooling (wetting) of their diamond, and more effective overall cooling. Lower surface tension also improves material debris lubrication, promoting efficient removal.

Water Swivel Adapters manufactured by UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools come with a valve that allow you to adjust water flow and pressure through the center of your drill. And are made to fit all types of diamond drills and drilling equipment.

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