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Precision Sawing Equipment  - Guide

 Precision Diamond Saw Guide:

Precision, Ultra Thin Diamond Blades & Accessories Main Catalog (2.0MB)  - 50 pages 

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UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is a Leading Manufacturer of High Precision & Ultra Thin Diamond Blades for machining just about any type of advanced, ultra hard & brittle, optical, composite, semiconductor & other materials. Our products are used for High Production, Research & Development, and Other applications. Customers include some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, Military, & Space Organizations, R & D Organizations, Small Machine shops. Precision Diamond Blades are available from inventory in many different specifications, diamond concentrations, mesh sizes, bond hardness, & inside diameters. We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right parameters for your specific material/application. You can count on us to improve you cutting operation to its ultimate efficiency. Whatever you goal or objective, UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools has the solution to help you get there faster.   

Find the right Precision & Ultra Thin Diamond Blade for your equipment.

Offering complete range of equipment and accessories for cutting (sawing) advanced materials. From high capacity cutting of very large work pieces to precision cutting of even the most delicate specimens.   Find out more...

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools offers complete range of diamond saws, equipment and accessories for cutting (sawing) advanced materials. Such as: ceramics, glass, plastics, quartz, metals, and graphite. From high capacity cutting of very large work pieces to precision cutting of even the most delicate specimens. Our diamond saws are widely used in Research and Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, as well as High Production.


Surface Grinders

RPM's: 3,600 to 15,000

Blade Capacity: 4" to 12" Diameter

Blade Thickness: .008" to .060"

Typical Accuracy: 5 Micro in A.A

Surface Grinder is an excellent overall slicing and diamond machining machine. Used for a large variety of materials / applications. The choice of most machine shops.

Dicing Saws

RPM's: 1,000-40,000

Blade Capacity: 2" to 5" Diameter

Blade Thickness: .001" to .020"

Typical Accuracy: 0.001 mm

Dicing Saw provides the most precision cutting performance, tolerances, and smoothest surface finish available. Dicing saws provide reduced material loss, & minimum edge chipping.

Wafering / Sectioning Saws

RPM's: 300-3,500

Blade Capacity: 3" to 8" Diameter

Blade Thickness: .006" to .035"

Typical Accuracy: .005"

Used for cross sectioning of a large variety of specimens for metallographic failure analysis process. Many saws are automatically programmable for cutting of multiple specimens to desired size & thickness.

Gang Saws

RPM's: 2,500-17,500

Blade Capacity: 2" to 6" Diameter Blades are most often used for advanced materials. For stone & other  industries  8"  to 24" diameter blades can be used.

Blade Thickness: .008" to .060"

Typical Accuracy: .002"

Gang saws are used for high production operations. Many gang saws are capable of producing 400 to 6,000 parts per minute. Gang arbor accepts  10 to 150 blades. Blades cut simultaneously, providing unparallel consistent performance.


Band Saws

RPM's: 1,800-2,000 SFPM

Blade Capacity: 20" to 40" Diam

Blade Thickness: .040" to .080"

Band saws are available for both hobby and production applications. Used for rough and fast cutting of material. Provide less loss of material, than conventional sawing methods. Remain the choice of many users and machine shops.

Slab Saws

RPM's: 500-1,000 RPM

Blade Capacity: 18" to 36"  Diam

Blade Thickness: .094" to .394"

Used for slabing large pieces of material, that will be later processed into smaller units. Choice of both production operations and lapidary hobbyist. 

Trim Saw

Coffee Tiny trim Saw

RPM's: 1,000-4,000  RPM

Blade Capacity: 4" to 16"  Diam

Blade Thickness: .014" to .051"

Come with adjustable speed, and optional self feeding mechanism. Trim saws are in between a regular tile saw and precision cut off saw. 


CNC / Milling Machine

RPM's: 1,000-20,000  RPM

Blade Capacity: 4" to 16"  Diam

Blade Thickness: .014" to .085"

Used for high production sawing operations. Automatic, fast  and precision sawing of a large variety of materials.

Tile Saw

RPM's: 1,000-4,000  RPM

Blade Capacity: 4" to 16"  Diam

Blade Thickness: .050" to .095"

Used for rough cutting of different types of material. Single speed, usually with manual feed.

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